Saturday, March 29, 2008

Notes from the Heart to My Son and Future Daughter-in-law

You are embarking down a path that millions before you have walked. Some have walked it with ease, some with pain, some with love, some with fear. Some have walked it with every emotion every step of the way. But I have seen each of your strengths and know beyond a doubt that you can walk this path side by side, grow from it, and experience a love of life that is beyond simple words.

Being unprepared for a baby financially is a scary thing. There are no simple answers. But luckily for the world, babies aren't raised strong and loved by being fed material wants. They grow strong from the loving arms that wrap around them, from their mother's milk warm within their tummy. They become fantastic and exceed beyond doubt because they had parents that encouraged them, that were there for them. All gifts you each possess to give as you walk down the path.

And the first step begins with your love and respect for each other. It is remembering that in a good relationship you each make the other feel good about theirselves. You encourage each other without belittling each other. You succeed together, what one accomplishes the other accomplishes as well. It's about respecting each other, about not letting the other worry about where you are or what you are doing. It is about trusting without a doubt. It is about always making the other look like God to the outside world, no matter what minor troubles you are working out between yourselves. Remember words can be forgiven but they can never be taken back so make sure your words are always spoken with love. Never curse the other, never tell one to shut up, if you hurt simply say baby I am hurt. Honesty and words spoken from the heart can convey more than words spoken in anger.

Give your troubles away and enjoy the time to come. You have more going for each of you than you know, including family that will be there, that will hold your hands if needed if you waiver from your path. Believe in life's plan and know that everything will be joyous. If you expect the bad, the bad will surely find you. Find the joy in your legs that will allow you to walk your path, find your wealth in your smiles and the laughter that will fill your home. It goes without saying that you will want to provide for your child, but trust that if you send the worries away and simply be the best that you can be, it will come naturally. Without worry, without stress. Believe in the plan and the gifts that are soon to be yours.

I remember holding my son in my arms for the first time, and realizing what a huge responsibility I had to provide for him. To ensure he had the things that surely he deserved in life. I doubt he remembers my struggles to buy him new school clothes, that it was years and years before he ever saw Disneyland. But if you ask him, I hope he does remember and know that I was always there for him. That his tummy was never hungry. That he never had to doubt if I loved him, if I would be there. I hope he knows how much those hugs and I love you Mom's filled my heart and made the world the sky and his kisses the stars.

Surround each other and your baby with people who can influence, who laugh, who believe in the natural high of the universe. Surround each other and your baby with people who have kind hearts, who make smart choices for their family. Let your baby learn from their examples coupled with the love and examples you demonstrate in your every day life.

There's no going back. Life is here. And trust me, it is the greatest walk of all.

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Ozfemme said...

That was beautiful. I have tears in my eyes! What a wonderful mama you are and what a wonderful grandmama you will be.